Summer News from the MADCOR Lab!

This summer has been quite busy in the MADCOR lab with new graduates, new students, new lab space, and even a visit from Bucky!

Since the end of the spring semester, Cody Falconer, Calvin Parkin, and Alex Nelson have all graduated from our group. Cody has earned his PhD is in Materials Science, focused on corrosion environment effects on materials corrosion in molten fluoride salt mediums, and he has moved on to work with TerraPower. Calvin has earned his PhD in Nuclear Engineering, focused on the microstructural evolution of compositionally complex alloys under heavy ion irradiation, and he has moved on to work with Sandia National Laboratory. Alex Nelson has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering Mechanics and is continuing his studies in Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder.

We also have several new students in the MADCOR group! Kailee Buttice, Nick Crnkovich, Cole Evered, and Gabriel Paramucchio have all joined the group. You can find them and all the members of our lab here.

It appears Bucky Badger has been interested in all the work here, as he paid us a visit this past spring to check out all the work we’ve been up to. Keep an eye out for more pictures of him around the lab on our website!

As the final news, we’re moving into a larger lab space which will now hold all the work here in the MADCOR lab in one spot! Look out for news on the updated lab space in the future!