Innovation in Alloy Design to Accelerate Molten Salt Corrosion Research


MADCOR student Bonita Goh, analyzing post-corrosion molten salts for elements which have dissolved from the alloy samples prepared and corroded in the glovebox behind her by Assistant Scientist Yafei Wang.

The MADCOR group is pioneering methods to rapidly study the molten salt corrosion response of novel alloys, and their methods have shown promising results in their paper, “Integrated High-Throughput and Machine Learning Methods to Accelerate Discovery of Molten Salt Corrosion-Resistant Alloys“. The efforts of Yafei Wang, Bonita Goh, and alumni Raphaelle David and Michael Moorehead are increasing our understanding of molten salt corrosion and refining the design space for stable alloys in this harsh environment to increase our capabilities for sustainable energy sources which benefit from molten salt technology with increased efficiency and safety.

More details regarding their work can be found here, and more publications from the group can be found here.