Bonita Goh

Position title: Post-Doctoral Researcher


Engineering Research Building, Room 909
1500 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706


Formerly a Radiometry Specialist at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Bonita has had a varied research portfolio, having been involved in projects on computational quasi-deterministic neutronics at the University of – Michigan Ann Arbor and lanthanide/actinide extraction from spent fuel using supercritical carbon dioxide at Washington State University. In the Nuclear Materials Group at UW Madison, she is working on the integration of robotics, machine learning and electrochemical sensors into a methodology for designing and testing alloys to target characteristics optimized for performance as structural materials in Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs).

She is passionate about building bridges between materials scientists and chemists. In her spare time she enjoys good food, good friends and good wine, and the obligatory long walk on the beach (because how else will you eat more food).