3 New Members in the MADCOR group!

This fall brings several new members to the MADCOR group: Changkyu, Bhagwat, and Matteo!

Changkyu Kim is a staff scientist joining us after his service in ROK Army-HQ, and holds a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from Texas A&M University. His work is studying novel approaches to studying corrosion with electrochemical methods, and will be working on micro- and in-situ electrochemistry for molten salt applications.

As a post-doctoral research, Bhagwat Ghule joins us from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, India, where he received his degree from the Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science department. Here in Wisconsin his work will focus on high-pressure and temperature aqueous corrosion’s effects in Zr alloys.

Last but not least, Matteo Kozlowski is a Master’s student enrolling in a dual-degree with us from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. He is investigating the impact of moisture in molten salt environments on the corrosion performance of NiCr alloys.

We’re looking forward to working with all three of these corrosion scientists!