Cole Evered

Position title: PhD Student


Engineering Research Building, Room 909
1500 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706

Cole is a PhD student studying Materials Science and Engineering at UW Madison. His undergraduate background is in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University, where he also received a Master’s in Materials Science studying the effects of irradiation on long-range ordering in NiCr alloys.

In the MADCOR group, Cole’s research focus is on the effects of proton irradiation and stress on static molten salt corrosion of various nuclear reactor alloys. He hopes to play a small role in the development and deployment of safe, clean, and cheap nuclear energy for the world.

In his free time, Cole enjoys reading fantasy novels, hiking, camping, and playing Pokemon. Sometimes he’ll even hang out with friends, but being with his two cats Walter and Raven is usually enough social interaction for the day.