TMS 2020 Conference

Several graduate students and Researchers have participated in TMS conference at San Diego, California from February 23-27 2020. For more information about the conference, click here.

Dr. Mohamed Elbakhshwan has presented “Microstructural Characterization and Mechanical Properties of CrFeNiMn and NbTaTiV High Entropy Alloys”.

Dr. Phalgun Nelaturu has presented “A High-throughput Alloy Development Strategy
for Corrosion Resistant Materials via Directed Energy Deposition”.

Zefeng Yu has presented “Microstructure and Microchemistry Comparison of Neutron Irradiated AIOM-X2 and Low-Sn ZIRLO”.

Cody Falconer has presented “Non-Galvanic Mass Transport in Molten Fluoride Salt Isothermal Corrosion Cells”.

Michael Moorehead has presented “High-Throughput Synthesis and Ion Irradiation of High-Entropy Alloys using Additive Manufacturing”.

Calvin Parkin has presented “In Situ Heavy Ion Irradiation of FCC and BCC High-Entropy Alloys at Cryogenic and High Temperatures”.

Matthew Weinstein has presented “Corrosion Resistant Claddings for MSRs”.

Bonita Goh has presented “High-Throughput Electrochemical Methods Development to Accelerate Molten Salt Corrosion Resistant Alloy Design”.

Mohamed tms2020
Dr. Mohamed Elbakshwan presenting his research at TMS2020
phalgun tms2020
Dr. Phalgun Nelaturu presenting his research at TMS2020
zefeng tms2020
Ph.D student Zefeng Yu presenting his research at TMS2020
cody tms2020
Ph.D student Cody Flaconer presenting his research at TMS2020
michael tms2020
Ph.D student Michael Moorehead presenting his research at TMS2020
calvin tms2020
Ph.D student Calvin Parker presenting his research at TMS2020
matthew tms2020
Master student Matthew Weisntein presenting his research at TMS2020
bonita tms2020
Ph.D candidate Bonita Goh presenting her research at TMS2020