Mohamed Elbakhshwan

Position title: Former Assistant Scientist


Engineering Research Building, Room 931.
1500 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706.

Radiation Resistant High-Entropy Alloys for Sodium Fast Reactor Fuel Cladding Applications
Corrosion in Molten Salt Reactors
Corrosion of Nuclear Materials in Extrema Conditions; in situ Synchrotron Studies
Mohamed Elbaksshwan

Mohamed Elbakhshwan is an Assistant Scientist at the Engineering Physics Department in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He obtained his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign where he studied the mechanical properties of nuclear fuel thin films under heavy ion irradiation. Then, he joined Brookhaven National Laboratory as a postdoctoral to develop sample environment for in situ corrosion studies of nuclear cladding alloys in steam environments. He utilized the high brightness and energy of synchrotron sources to monitor the corrosion of zirconium alloys at the early stage. In addition, he used synchrotron XPD, EXAFS, XANES, and XRF to study radiation damage in intermetallic fuel forms, flash sintering of nuclear fuel, and corrosion of advanced steel alloys. Dr. Elbakhshwan currently focuses on effects of radiation damage on high entropy alloys, the corrosion of structural materials in molten salt environments, and the behavior of diffusion bonded materials in nuclear energy systems.