MUZIC-3 meeting September 17-19 at UW-Madison

MUZIC meeting was held at UW-Madison from September 17-19 2019!

MUZIC (Mechanistic Understanding of Zirconium Corrosion) program is an internationally recognized organization that specifically focus on scientific research on zirconium alloys for the application as nuclear cladding materials. The program bridges the industry and academic institutes together to fundamentally understand the irradiation effects, corrosion kinetics, hydrogen pickups, and other aspects of zirconium alloys. Every 6 months, all members in the MUZIC program gather  at different places around the world to hold a workshop to update their research progress. As an important member in the MUZIC program, professor Adrien Couet was the host of 2019 workshop from Sep, 17 – Sep, 19 at University of Wisconsin – Madison. From professor Adrien Couet’s group, a 4th year Ph.D. student (Zefeng Yu) and a post-doc (Dr. Taeho Kim) gave two individual presentations during the meeting. The title of Zefeng Yu’s presentation is “Irradiation effect on Zr-Nb corrosion mechanism”. The title of Taeho Kim’s presentation is “Effect of photon irradiation on corrosion mechanism”. Both presentations have gained great attentions from the audiences, who are all well-established scientists and professors in the field. The 2019 MUZIC workshop at UW-Madison is a great success. All the members have enjoyed the wonderful city of Madison and have gained deeper understanding towards each project. at the end of the meeting, a group tour to our labs was held on September 19th afternoon by Ph.D. student Michael Moorehead.

Dr Taeho Kim presenting his work
PhD student Zefeng Yu presenting his work


all participants_MUZIC group photo
Group photo of all MUZIC meeting participants
PhD student Michael Moorehead presenting the Ion Beam Laboratory at UW-Madison