Two Matser MADCOR students just graduated!

Congratulations Louis and Matthew!

Louis Bailly-Salins and Matthew Weinstein have successfully finished the master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering physics.

Matthew has completed his bachelor and masters degree at university of Wisconsin-Madison. his master thesis entitled”Development of Corrosion, Temperature and Radiation Resistant Claddings for Molten Salt Reactors”. Matthew is planning to go to the industry.

Louis have joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison master’s program September 2019 after  he obtained a Bachelor degree in Genenral Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. his Master thesis entitled “Modeling the corrosion of Zr alloys during Loss Of Coolant Accidents and the corrosion of high Mn steel valves in thermal engines using the finite-element based framework MOOSE”. Louis will continue his PhD in Caen, France.

some picture from the commencement ceremony held on May 8th 2021.

Matthew in the commencement 2021 ceremony
louis ceremony 2021
Louis in the commencement 2021 ceremony

Congratulations Louis and Matthew!