Two new grants from DOE are awarded to the group!

Exciting news to share!

The UW-Madison Nuclear engineering program has a unique strength in experimental programs to develop nuclear technology. PI Adrien Couet has received two grants from DOE Nuclear Energy University Program.

The first project is about the development of innovative in-situ analysis and quantification of corrosion and erosion of 316 Stainless Steel in molten chloride salt flow loops. The goal of this project to study in-situ synergetic effects of salt flow velocity, irradiation and mechanical stress on 316SS corrosion/erosion in support to molten chloride salt reactor development. PI Couet’s group will collaborate with TerraPower and Oak Ridge National Laboratory as well as with colleagues in Engineering Physics and Medical Physics departments at UW [link to abstract online].

The second project will allow the acquisition of critical equipment to support the development of High Entropy Alloys (HEA) for various energy related high-temperature applications using high throughput manufacturing/characterization/irradiation methods. [link to abstract online]”