Recirculation Loop for the Autoclave

People involved in the project

Aaron Huxford

Credentials: Currently Ph.D. Student in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan

The harsh environment inside a nuclear reactor is a life-limiting aspect of nuclear fuel cladding. High temperature coupled with high pressure boric acid in a primary loop of pressurized water reactors (PWRs) work to significantly corrode current claddings. Work is currently being done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to test materials at these high temperatures and pressures (360 ⁰C, 180 bar). The tests are currently performed under static conditions. In order to better represent the conditions in the primary loop of PWRs, a recirculation loop for these autoclaves is currently under development. The loop will allow dynamic testing of reactor level conditions (up to 380 ⁰C, 200 bar) to gain a better understanding of corrosion phenomena in this environment.

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