Iman Abdallah

Position title: Former Post-Doctoral Researcher


Engineering Research Building, Room 931
1500 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706

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Multiscale Development and Validation of the Stainless Steel Alloy Corrosion (SStAC) Tool for High Temperature Engine Materials
Iman Abdallah

Iman Abdallah is a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Engineering Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She obtained her PhD in Physics and Materials Science from Paul Sabatier III University in Toulouse, France. Her research focuses on the correlation between magnetic, thermal and chemical properties with structural modifications in the studied materials. Her recent work was about to investigate the effect of nitrogen and oxygen dissolution and diffusion in Titanium based alloys oxidized for 1000 hours at 650 ° C. In addition, she used several techniques such as PVD sputtering, Photolithography, XRD, DSC, TGA, FMR, SEM and TEM to explore the studied materials. Now, Dr. Abdallah focuses her research on the corrosion behavior of engine valves composed of austenitic steels exposed to different gaseous environments.