High temperature water corrosion Lab

Our laboratory space is located in room 606 in the Engineering Research Building (1500 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706).


We have a state-of-the-art autoclave with unique capabilities. It allows us to perform multiple different experiments in order to test materials under high-temperature and high pressure.  It is fitted with 3 sapphire windows to allow us to view the inside and also shine UV light inside the chamber.  This will allows us to simulate the Cherenkov effect seen in a modern nuclear reactor.  The autoclave is fitted with an automatic lift to safely open and close the chamber.

Pictures of the entire autoclave and support stand (left side) and the inside of the autoclave chamber (right side).

Picture of the sapphire window from inside of the autoclave (left).  There are two more identical windows located a different positions. Picture of chamber with UV light on. (right)

We have a potentiostat that will allows us to perform a multitude of experiments.  It has up to 10 slots that will let us have different potential reading options and have multiple experiments going at once.  It will be connected to the inside, via a feedthrough device, of the autoclave in order to analyze the electrochemical behavior of the environment. This allows the working electrode, reference electrode and counter electrode to all be inserted into the autoclave for experimental measurements.  The insertion of the cables into the autoclave is made possible because of a cooling jacket with water constantly being circulated to ensure the protection of the wires.  So the hot temperatures seen will have no effect.

Pictured above is the potentiostat and feedthrough design.

The lab is still in expansion. We are constantly bringing in more hardware and experiments to further develop the lab.