High temperature gases corrosion Lab

High temperature a-CO2 corrosion LAB

A newly installed corrosion experiment at UW-Madison on 12th floor of ERB, in October 2019, equipped with a gold mirror coated transparent furnace supplied by Thermcraft inc. and temperature controller from Eurotherm that goes up to 800 °C with a built-in ramp and dwell programs for isothermal experiments. This transparent furnace has a uniform temperature zone up to 30 cm of 50 cm total furnace length. A quartz tube of 30 mm outer diameter is inserted inside the furnace with radiation shields and sealed at both ends. Inside the quartz tube, a mechanically designed sample holder using Inconel 625 with a 1.5 mm alumina rod to suspend the corroded samples. The sample holder can hold up to 20 samples in the homogeneous temperature zone of the furnace. A state-of the art controller evaporation mixer is used to control the flow of either pure carbon dioxide flow or with mixed water vapor.


room 1226
High temperature CO2 corrosion Experimental set-up


room 1226-sample holder
Sample holder inside quartz tube
Transparency of Gold coated furnace at 700 °C